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Jan 29, 2016 at 08:10 AM

Multi mapping issue in ICO


Dear Experts,

I am working on a multi mapping scenario where i need to send the data to 2 target systems(CRM_DEV & BC_BPM) based on RFC lookup response and some conditions.

I created the multi mapping in ESR which is working fine. When i am trying to create the ICO i am facing issue when adding the communication channels to the respective target systems , Both systems are selecting all 3 service interfaces.


My scenario is SOAP----> Idoc2


My requirement is send 2 Idocs2 CRM_DEV system and SI_GOTD_Sender_BPM message to BC_BPm system. Attaching the screen shots for your reference. Kindly help me where i am missing the configuration.


11.PNG (25.8 kB)
10.PNG (37.4 kB)
OM.PNG (48.4 kB)
12.PNG (57.1 kB)
13.PNG (38.8 kB)