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Jan 28, 2016 at 04:30 PM

Vizplan, Network Data Transfer & Max Memory


Hi folks,

I've been having loads of fun troubleshooting a particularly troublesome query that's getting memory allocation errors. I've had to do lots of deconstruction and testing tidbits of the SQL to avoid the memory allocation error so that I could at least run a visual plan. When watching memory utilization on the multi-node server I'm not seeing any big spikes. When I run the various chunks of code separately i'm not seeing any huge smoking gun or large volume of records. In fact about the only thing I'm noticing is the majority of time is lumped under 'Network Data Transfer'.

My questions;

1) Could the network data transfer be related to the multiple nodes communicating with each other? Any more information about troubleshooting or analyzing this would be helpful to me.

2) There is a Max Memory Usage metric throughout my plan but it always shows 0 Byte. So I'm wondering if this feature does not work. Does anybody get values visible here? Seems like it would be a huge benefit to see this especially troubleshooting memory allocation errors.

This particular environment we are on SPS8 rev 85.

Thanks for any helpful info.