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Jan 28, 2016 at 01:22 PM

WebClient Issue On WEB VU (SAP BCM 6)


Good day,

One of our clients has been on SAP BCM 6 for years now and looking at upgrading to SAP Contact Center as SAP BCM 6 is no longer supported.

Before we can perform the upgrade, we need to sort out an issue on the Web Virtual Unit (VU).

The issue with the WEB VU is that it's not starting up; the issue seems to be with the Web Client component; when we remove the Web Client under the WEB VU fro IA, the WEB VU goes green. However, the issue persists when we add it back.

We even tried deleting the VU and adding it back and the issue still persists.

No log files are getting generated.

May you please advise on possible causes and places we can check to resolve this.

Thanks in advance.