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Jan 28, 2016 at 01:03 PM

My Inbox back-end pre-requisites


Hi, I need some help clarifying the minimum requirement to implement My Inbox app to make sure that it can be implemented for my actual SAP system level.

As per the main FIORI Transactional apps requirements for the back-end, we are at the minimum level required for the SAP_BASIS component, release 700 level 18 (SAPKB70018). (attached is the list of components of our current installation).

Several apps were already implemented correctly and are productive to date. I have to implement the My Inbox application in order to fulfill the FIORI implementation for the migration of all our approval scenarios.

Reading the help portal for the My Inbox app, on the requirements section the following is indicated:

"SAP enhancement package 1 for SAP NetWeaver 7.3 SPS 15 (for BPM support)"

Nothing is mentioned for systems without BPM installed. I´ve checked the "" as well, but nothing is mentioned about the back-end. I couldn´t find anything else regarding this.

Do the minimum requirements for FIORI Transactional apps still apply for this? Is BPM or NW 7.3 SPS 15 a must to install this app?

I have also found this presentation from ASUG that mentions "Basis at least NetWeaver 7.0" (no level specified).

Moving forward, I have gone deeper into the note "2106212 - Release Information Note for SAP Fiori My Inbox" indicated in the help portal as the central note for My Inbox. I have seen there are many notes required for the SAP_BASIS component, mostly included in package 7 level 32-33. As we are on level 18, I have analyzed all the notes pre-requisites, ending up in around 190 notes.

Will implementing all this notes be ok to make My Inbox app work?

Despite the fact that these is quite a bulk, I was also concerned about on note I came up with: "1643764- User decision with automatic note" (included in package level 27).

This note indicates the following:


Due to the number of adjustments and newly-created objects that transaction SNOTE cannot implement automatically (such as screens, interface statuses, data elements, tables, and so on), this enhancement is delivered only via a Support Package.

Note the following: If you have already created user decision tasks in the customer namespace, you must also add the container element DECISION_NOTE (Type SOFM, Exporting) to the task container."

I see that this note has some correction instructions, but only 3 objects which doesn´t match what is stated above about the "number of adjustments and newly-created objects".

Can this note be implemented individually using SNOTE or must the Support Package be installed?

Summing up:

Can My Inbox app be implemented under these conditions, applying the required notes alone? Are there any Support Packages, SPS or any other minimum requirements that we should install? if it is just a Support Package, can it be implemented alone or should other Support Packages be leveled up too?

I would appreciate any help or clarification about this. I think I am a bit confused with all the information and as there are a lot of notes to implement that affects a central component of the ERP (SAP_BASIS), would like to make sure that applying the notes should be ok.


Leandro Freidenberg