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Jan 28, 2016 at 09:21 AM

Indirect Activity Allocation to co-products production order



We are planning to use indirect activity allocation cycle for absorption of actual cost of activities from cost center to production order. So the receiver of the IAA will be production orders. Since it is not possible to give production order numbers manually every month, I have created a variant of PP orders in OKOV based on settlement receiver which is material and assigned it as Order Group in the IAA cycle.

This works perfectly for normal production orders because their settlement receiver is MAT and therefore they are being picked under the created variant (Order Group) and able to receive the activity costs through IAA.

The problem is coming when the PP order has co-products because their settlement receiver is not MAT but OIT (Order item). So these orders are not being picked under the same variant. So IAA is not working with them.

Therefore, in summary, I need to be able to create a variant in OKOV that will pick these PP orders also.

Can anyone suggest what can be done?