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Jan 28, 2016 at 06:43 AM

Unable to trigger Derive method of class CL_RSPLS_CR_EXIT_BASE using Characteristic relation


Dear All,

We want to derive functional location from maintenance plant & planner group combination and maintenance plant and functional location category “M” combination from functional location master.

Maintenance plant and planner group are input on our variable screen.

To achieve this we have create a copy of class CL_RSPLS_CR_EXIT_BASE as ZTEST_BIIP by defining the base class as super class

We redefine all methods of class CL_RSPLS_CR_EXIT_BASE in class ZTEST_BIIP

We used same class (ZTEST_BIIP) in characteristic relationship(CR) of our cube and assigned source as maintenance plant, planner group and target as functional location and activate this CR in cube.

In query we have select characteristic relation in filter value selection at query execution setting of functional location.

As per our understanding we have to write code in derive method of Z class

But when i execute our WAD, i am unable to debug Derive method of class ZTEST_BIIP, rest all methods are getting triggered but derive method is not

Note : we have put external debug

Please help 😊


Sagar Ghonge