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Jan 27, 2016 at 03:10 PM

Question about Project objects


I am working on one of my developer tools and have a question about the contents of the Project object. I don't have 12.6 and I need to find out what flag within the project object source is used to indicate 64bit compile.

The first two lines of a project object look like this:



Here is the mapping that I was able to figure out:


1: Executable Filename

2: Resource Filename

3: Prompt Overwrite - 0=False, 1=True

4: Rebuild - 0=Incremental, 1=Full

5: Visual Style - 0=Classic, 1=New Style


1: Machine Code - 0=False, 1=True

2: Context Info - 0=False, 1=True

3: Trace Info - 0=False, 1=True

4: Executable Format - 0=16bit, 2=Native

5: Optimize - 0=Speed, 1=Space, 2=None

6: ?

7: Debug Info - 0=False, 1=True

I need someone with 12.6 to compare a project object with 64bit on/off and see what is different. Then post here your findings.

Bonus questions:

What is CMP-6?

What is CMP-4 with a value of 1 mean? I think it was an option in PB 6.0 that went away in PB 6.5 but I can't verify that.