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Jan 27, 2016 at 11:08 AM

MRP not generating Sch. Lines for Subcontracting Scheduling Agreement with Configurable Material


Hello everybody,

I am facing an interesting issue. I have a material that my company is selling. This material is provided to my company by subcontracting.

So within SAP I have the following:

A Sales Scheduling Agreement to sell this material. This material is a configurable material, so in the Sales Scheduling Agreement, this material has some values in its characteristics.

A Subcontracting Scheduling Agreement to procure this material.

My intention is that when I run the MRP, this will generate Schedule Lines in the Subcontracting Scheduling Agreement. This works perfectly if the material is not configurable; but if it is configurable, the MRP does not generate schedule lines but Purchase Requisitions.

I get this strange message when creating the sales scheduling agreement:

Message V4338 - No BOM explosion occurs in scheduling agreements for suppliers.

And analyzing the Subcontracting Scheduling Agreement, if I try to create Scheduline Lines manually (tx ME38) I get this error:

Message 61258 "Configured BOM could not be exploded"

It seems that the Purchasing Subcontracting Scheduling Agreements do not support Configurable Materials, because with Purchase Requisitions it works perfectly.

I'd appreciate any ideas.

Thank you in advance!