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Jan 27, 2016 at 10:58 AM

Array and object issue in JSON, REST


HI all,

I have a synchronous scenario. REST --- PI --- ECC --- PI --- REST

In the response receiver payload, I have an item node. I have given it as 0..unbounded since it can have either multiple items or single item. REST Communication channel is converting to JSON from xml. Everything is working fine. However the receiver application complains that they are getting the items node as object and array.

If items have multiple items under that node then, JSON structure is like this:

"Item": [


"ItemNumber" : "00001",

"ItemDescription" : "xyz"

"Quantity" : "0"



"ItemNumber" : "00002"

"ItemDescription" : "abc"

"Quantity" : "0"



Now if item has only single item under that node, the JSON structure is like this:

"Item" : {

"ItemNumber" ; "00004",

"ItemDescription" ; "def",

"Quantity" : "0"


They receiver REST application wants Item to come as an array even if there is one single item. How is this possible with PI?


Harish Babu