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Jan 26, 2016 at 03:02 PM

Issue while transferring Material from CPM to PS


Hello Experts,

Need your expert replies.

We are transferring material from CPM to PS under activity, System creating Reservation on Network but adding same material manually in PS creating Reservation on WBS, I don't know why it is happening. Please advise if any change is required in PS setting to generate Reservation on WBS in case of material transfer through CPM.

We have to run Project MRP, System creating Reservation with Network with Item category L when material transferred from CPM which result no MRP run. while adding same material manually under creating Reservation on WBS with item category L and we are able to run MRP successfully.

Adding Proc Param Tab for both material ( Transferred through CPM and Added manually ).

Please advise me in this regard.


Gaurav Ahuja


Added Manually.png (95.7 kB)