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Jan 26, 2016 at 12:17 PM

SAP B1 DI API problem within IIS only



I have a problem with my WEB solution that some times it's crash when i execute a code of SAP B1, for example I'm using the following code to get the item price:

var itemPriceParams = (SAPbobsCOM.ItemPriceParams)company.GetCompanyService().GetDataInterface(CompanyServiceDataInterfaces.csdiItemPriceParams);
            itemPriceParams.CardCode = cardCode;
            itemPriceParams.ItemCode = itemCode;
            itemPriceParams.UoMEntry = uomEntry;
            itemPriceParams.Currency = currency;
            itemPriceParams.Date = deliveryDate;

            return (SAPbobsCOM.ItemPriceReturnParams)company.GetCompanyService().GetItemPrice(itemPriceParams);

The executions of this code crash the IIS and all user's will lose their sessions.

I tried to call the same function with SAME dll (I'm using SAPBusinessOneSDK.dll) and in windows application and it didn't crash.

In IIS i enabled the 32bit application, and i tried to put the identity of application pool as local system, still no success.

What could cause those kind of issues 😔 i tried a lot of solutions but with no success.

Thank you!