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Jan 25, 2016 at 01:37 PM

HCPms onboarding broken on Hana trial?


Hello everybody

For me it is impossible to enroll mobile apps in Hana Cloud Platform Mobile Services. When I try to do so the enrollment fails and for each attempt the following error appears in the HCPms logs (instead of "" it lists the name of the mobile app that I am trying to onboard):

#2.0#2016-01-25 cause::: # #2.0#2016-01-25 cause::: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Exception Description: No transaction is currently active# #2.0#2016-01-25 exception overridden by rollback exception#

It is also possible to delete existing application configuratoins in the HCPms cockpit and when I edit them then some properties are not shown in edit mode that are visible in display mode. In that case the message "Application delete failed" is shown.

Is this a known problem? Is anybody else having similar difficulties?

There is a post from December that described exactly the same problem () but this was claimed to be fixed so I wonder if this problem has re-appeard somehow.