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Jan 25, 2016 at 10:25 AM

Is it possible to control the unrestricted stock in ECC ATP Scope of check


Hello Experts,

Just curious about a scenario. In the ECC ATP Checking functionality, I wonder if it is possible to restrict the unrestricted Stock as available quantity during ATP check. I know it is possible in gATP environment where everything is configured using ATP categories. But, I would be curious to know if this would be possible in ECC ATP functionality. Perhaps someone like Former Member or @Noel Connolly would know ?

As you can see from the below, there is no provision to select and unselect the "Unrestricted" stock although I can see other type of stocks. Is it hard coded somewhere in Standard SAP code that the unrestricted stock should always be checked ? If this is true, it means we can only control the ATP check at schedule line category and I cannot do an ATP check purely based on receipt elements ?

Appreciate your thoughts 😊

Thanks & Best Regards,

Babu Kilari


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