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Jan 25, 2016 at 08:53 AM

Location based routing



We have a client who has offices in different countries. They are also behind NAT (same IP address for all countries) if looked from CCtr server side. We have configured NAT location for them. Now we also want to use location based routing.

Because all countries use same IP address then I can not use this same location for NAT and routing or can I?

If I create different Location for routing and add members to it then CCtr does not use that NAT location anymore and audio is not forwarded to client.

Is CCtr matching only one location at a time or can it match multiple locations in sequence?

I my situation I also could use NAT location and Barring Groups for routing.

Another question is about Outbound calls. CCtr does not seem to match location based nor barring group based routing rules for campaign calls. Is that correct?


Madis Malv