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Jan 24, 2016 at 04:36 PM

Creating an event to dispatch E-Invoice


We are in the process of rolling out SAP to quite a few countries:

For some countries it is a legal requirement that E-Invoice must be accompanied with a Legal Document Number, otherwise no E-Invoice must be dispatched.

- One of the issues that we are having is how to initiate 'Output Determination Procedure' in the billing document only 'After' a legal document number in a localized table is updated.

- For example, for Greece, after the creation of the billing document, a legal document number is written to a localized table as part of the Hellenization process. This is a legal requirement that cannot be bypassed.

To generate this number the user runs "Manually" a localized Transaction "After" the billing document is generated.

- So the ideal solution will be that as soon as the Local Table is updated in the above step with the Legal Document Number, the program creates an 'Event'. The event will then start the 'Outbound Determination Procedure' in the billing document. This will retrieve the condition record for the E-Invoice and generate the INVOIC IDOC containing the Legal Document Number.

- I know of the Function Module SWE_EVENT_CREATE that may be used to create an event, but being a Functional Consultant and not an ABAP Programmer, I do not know how the function works an whether it would fulfil our requirements.

An idea on how we can achieve the solution?

Your help is much appreciated!

Thank you,