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Jan 22, 2016 at 06:32 PM

How to use a Control from a Higher UI5 Library Version in App


I am working on customizing the My Timesheets v 2 Fiori application, we have UI5 version 1.28 and need to use a control, TimePicker (in place of standard DateTimePicker), which is available in version 1.32.

However an upgrade is not possible at this time. The requirement is to make a text and picker input available since the app will be used by both desktop and touch screen users and the standard scroll functionality is extremely poor for desktop for users configured to enter time hourly. We are hoping to use this standard control in place of developing our own.

What we are trying to do is include the needed .js files in the application under a 'control' folder, then change the 'define' and 'require' statements to reference the local file structure instead of sap.m.

However when we run the application we get a browser console error that the app is still trying to fetch TimePickerRender.js from the sap.m library, and fails. It looks like the 'require' statement for this file that is failing is being autogenerated by core-min-0.js file.

From the console error it looks like the GetRenderer call in core-min-1.js is generating the require call which is failing (see screen shot). Can this be over ridden for the TimePicker? Or does anyone know another way to get around this?