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Jan 21, 2016 at 08:58 PM

Conditionally suppress records based on calculated member - Crosstab


I am building a fairly simple exception report which should show any sales orders/items where the net price on a sales order item does not match the customer's expected price. I have a calculated member field which displays the difference in the prices. I am struggling to suppress any records where this value = 0.

Report details: The tables used are VBAK (sales order header) and KONV (sales document pricing condition data). My crosstab has two rows VBAK.VBELN (Sales Document Number) and KONV.KPOSN (Item Number). It has a single column KONV.KSCHL (Pricing Condition Type). The summarized field is Sum of KONV.KWERT (Pricing Condition Value). The calculated member of this column is the difference between SAP net price (condition type PNTP) and the customer expected price (condition type JED1).

Example output:

Sales Order Item Expected Price Net Price Difference

2842207 10 3,572.59 3,572.59 0.00

2842207 20 4,127.32 5,128.71 -1,001.39

In the example above, I would NOT want the first record to show, because the value of "Difference" is 0.00 (the Difference field is a calculated member). I am relatively new to Crystal Reports, and would appreciate your ideas and detailed steps on how to accomplish this task.

Thanks in advance.