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Jan 21, 2016 at 06:13 PM

Base Document information in Table Rows for SAP B1 on CR


Good evening Experts,

I'm trying to realize a report that must be able to show in table rows some information stored into the header of other documents.

Here's my sample:

I'm trying to print a delivery note (DLN1): for each row of the table, I must show the values stored into the NumAtCard field in the table related to the Sales Order (ORDR). I've joined the intrested records like the following screenshot shows

Now comes the difficult part: when I try to get a print preview on CR, nothing goes wrong: CR shows me the information in the right position, complete of all details. Differently, on SAP Business One, the report not shows the information joined between the row details table and the ORDR table (it shows only the rows filled with data which belongs to DLN1).

I also show you the query generated by CR:

SELECT "DLN1"."DocEntry", "DLN1"."ItemCode", "ORDR"."NumAtCard"


ON "DLN1"."BaseEntry"="ORDR"."DocEntry"

WHERE "DLN1"."DocEntry"=1

Strangely, query generator included on SAP Business One execute the query, showing me the expected result.

Please help me!

Thanks you for your kindness!


Report CR.png (50.9 kB)