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Jan 21, 2016 at 02:37 PM

.Net application development with HANA


Hi Developers,

We are changing our db from MSSQL to HANA and during our development we came across some difficulties.

Some background: My application is written in .net (using to connect to HANA). It also has spatial data (st_geometry hana-type) that I publish

1. ALM - I understand that I can use HALM for object transfer between environments (dev, test, prod). I created my objects with sql scripts (Create table.. Create procedure.. etc) - According to what I read, I can't use HALM for this kind of objects. How do I need to create my objects (tables, views, procedures) and what options do I have to transfer my objects between environments? (notice, I'm using spatial data too)

2. Stored procedure input parameters:

  • I created a SP with boolean db type input parameter:

But when I try to call it:


We get an exception - "Feature not supported: no supported constant type". How can I call SP's with a boolean parameter?

3. ADO.Net:

  • I have SP's that their input parameter should be a table type (getting more then 1 row and column of data to process). How can I call this kind of SP's from the code? - In MSSQL ADO.Net we used SqlDbType.Structured - can't find this option in HANA.
    • I tried creating HanaParameter (for executing SP's) with HanaDbType = HanaDbType.TableType - but we get an error: "Specific method not supported - even before the command executed)
  • Same problem I have with Boolean type - HanaDbType enum doesn't contains boolean. How do I call SP's with boolean input (if off-course question number 2 has a positive answer)
  • Spatial types - in MSSQL I had a .net type called SqlGeography. All spatial data from DB was handled with this object. Does HANA has this kind of object for .net? How can I get the spatial data correctly to my application (except WKT)? - currently receiving a ST_Geometry type from a query in .net we get an exception "parameter (1) contains null pointer".

Thank you.

Yaron Inghel