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Former Member
Jan 21, 2016 at 12:47 PM

Table size vs Table size in SAP HANA



My problem concerns the estimation of the size between in memory or other DB tables when compared to SAP HANA. I know that when tables are imported to SAP HANA, a compression method is used to optimize the store process, hence different compression methods are used for tables with different data. What I would like to do is to estimate the compression rate of a particular table, so I could know how much space that table can occupy in the memory of SAP HANA.

For example, if I migrate a table with 10 GB from the Oracle DB to SAP HANA, how much compression would occur or what would be the size of the table in SAP HANA? As I said, I know that different compression methods are used for different types of data. I'm only interested in an estimation.

Is there any tool or document that can give that information?

Thanks for the attention.