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Jan 21, 2016 at 11:27 AM

Issues while viewing graph on iPad


Currently I am facing a problem after uploading my dashboard to iPAD. There is a combination chart which shows data for Year, Half year, Quarter and Month. Based on the level of selection (time period) the look-up function brings labels for respective time period.

No issues while viewing it on desktop. But I am unable to see the graph labels while viewing it on iPad. Only when I select month level, the labels suddenly show up. For all other levels the category labels disappear.

1. The font color is in contrast with background.

2. I have tried using a new, unformatted component with all default properties and font color. Still does not work.

3. Combination chart and its label properties are supported.

4. Iserror function which used to mask the error cause by vlookup and vlookup function is also supported on iPad.

5. This same logic is currently functional in another dashboard.

6. Category labels appear only for Month data. Even after removing the function the values do not show up.

7. The data labels display properly. Only the x-axis category labels have the issue.

8. If the labels are directly mapped to where the web service is mapped, then i can see the labels

9. If I try implementing the formula in a separate sheet it will show few labels and for others it would show function error (#N/A) attaching screenshot for the same

Currently using BO 4.1 Support Pack 5

using latest version of SAP BI Mobile app for iPad

Has anybody faced similar issues?