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Jan 21, 2016 at 11:08 AM

activity rate calculation



After implementing the oss note it was allowing the kp06 cost center and activity and cost element combination

i have maintained the kp26 plan rate 10000 hours year wise

and kp06 i have maintained the 300000 fixed pland rate against the cost element .

when i was ran the kspi my plan hour is 30 per hour ,

but system will show the different value.when i was ran

please find the below screen shot how i am able to find my 30 rupees per hour

And also could you explain me when i was ran the kspi how the total price 3.187,65 is arriving how the system will calculate this cost.

could you explain me.


kp261.PNG (4.2 kB)
kp26.PNG (48.3 kB)
kp06.PNG (39.5 kB)
kspi.PNG (26.9 kB)