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Jan 21, 2016 at 08:53 AM

MvType 131 and how to get vendor of asset


Hello Gurus,

being dumb in FI-AA, so please correct me.

Recently I've been asked, if there's any way to trace vendor from asset management created from material GRd with 131 movement type.

In case asset (or original asset) has been created from PO with 101 movement, vendor and in some cases related PO are available through Asset Explorer AW01N etc.

But in our case we have another scenario. Asset has been created via 131 movement type,

131 Goods receipt for run schedule header

This movement type cannot be entered manually. It is generated automatically at notification of goods receipt for a run schedule header.

In such a case there's neither PO, nor vendor are available in asset master, nor in asset explorer.

I can only see there Cost Center and related G/L account.

Could you please figure out, if there reliable way to trace/find vendor from asset in such a case?

I've been told, there could be some combination of logistic reports.

Many thanks!