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Feb 20, 2006 at 10:40 AM

Suggestions to initialize data from another client data



First of all sorry because i'm not really sure i'm posting that in the right forum.

I'm trying to create an environnement for test.

My first step was to create the reference database.

Now I need to create test cases and for that i want to work on real data.

My objective is that people will chose articles on one client and then they will be able to re-recreate the same on another environnement only dedidacted to the tests.

I wonder what is the best solution to do that?

Currently, I have two solutions :

.First one combines a query and a catt. You choose your article, then with the ID you execute the query that will provide all information needed. Then I use a CATT to rebuild it from a text file on my test environnement.

.Another solution is an ABAP program wich receives a text file with the IDs of the articles we want to create. This program execute the queries and build a text file with the data. Then i have an interface where i put my file and this will create the articles.

Both solutions have their advantages and inconveniences. I bet there's another ways to do what i intend to do in SAP but i haven't enough knowledge on SAP to know these solutions.

So If anyone have some ideas that will help me to do that, evereything will be helpful 😊

ps: If my problem is not really clear let me know.