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Jan 21, 2016 at 03:01 AM

QA32 UD Done but Stock not transfer to unrestricted


Dear Team

Because of user mistake the UD is done via inspection lot but stock is not transfer to unrestricted. Will you please guide how I can move the stock from quality to unrestricted...

1) I have tried to transfer it via opening the inspection lot in QA32 but error message is UD is already done & not allow to reopen the inspection lot for modification. Status & Error screen shot is attached.

2) I have tried to transfer is via MB1B movement type 321 but error message appear as the this stock can be clear from inspection lot & not allow to move stock from quality to unrestricted.. Error screen shot is attached.. Please refer screen shot might give u hint...

Please guide me with proper solution to transfer the stock from quality stock to unrestricted stock.