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Jan 20, 2016 at 07:47 PM

Transport Security and Actions for 5.0 SP06


Hello, we are looking at the transport capability in 5.0. While we have set the global parameters for transport group (2 of them) properly (we believe), when we go into the transport model entities tile the "Export" button is not active.

I then referenced the security guide and the role = SAP_IBP_BCR_ADMIN_T is referenced as requisite/relevant to the transport function. When you go into this role, it is empty, so no authorizations are assigned. Understandably, I can copy this role and then make some addition, but none of the "IBP" authorization objects look relevant for assignment and population.

Do we have to resort to using S_CTS* objects even though the guide doesn't indicate?

Does anyone know which authorization objects should be included in that SAP_IBP_BCR_ADMIN_T role to make it useful?

PS -- we did manually add object = IBP_PRCESS previously with activity = 23, but this object is more for the process modeling function ... I do not see any object in the latest security guide to indicate transport related.

What have I missed?!