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Jan 20, 2016 at 05:52 PM

Error in flexible planning (MC94), Need SAP tables for planning hierarchy (MC61)


Hi Experts

We are using infostructure S535 in flexible planning. Please find attached screenshot for characteristics.

My requirement to build a program to upload forecast target quantity in MC94 infostructure S535. I got error message "No characteristic value combinations exist for the selected data". I know reason for error is that characteristics to be maintained in the MC62-planning hierarchy.

I could see many "sold to party-ship to party-partner-sales group-Material group-Finish-Basis weight-solver grade-plant" combinations maintained in the MC62. I want to know How planning hierarchy being created in MC62 for this combination.

  1. 1. Is there any way system automatically create planning hierarchy in MC62? How i can check the details created by, changed by, changed on?
  2. 2. Also, I want to know table or report used to get planning hierarchy. I need this information to build excel sheet with combination of characteristics used to upload for MC94.
  3. 3. If i try to enter target quantity in MC94 for sold to party only without any characteristics combination, i got information message that "The planning hierarchy contains no details for the characteristics,These were either not maintained or excluded from the planning"(refer screenshot).

I want to know reason for this message.