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Jan 20, 2016 at 02:30 PM

Error in EhP7 upgrade, phase PREP_EXTENSION/CONFLICT_CHECK


I'm attempting to upgrade our ECC 6 EhP6 sandbox system to EhP7, and it's errorring out in the conflict_check phase. I already have an open OSS incident on this, but I'm also looking for other opinions/solutions. I'm starting to suspect that my version of SUM may be at the root of this issue, I'm using SUM 1.0 SP14 (PL6). Has anyone had issues with this release, other then it's now dependent on SAPHOSTAGENT?

OSS has advised us to use the latest ACP file to correct our conflict, and to use the 'Init' checkbox. Unfortunately, the only options SUM gives me are the typical buttons - Back, Next and Reset. OSS says the 'Init' checkbox should be there too, but it isn't. I know I've had to use the 'Init' option in previous EhP upgrades, has SAP hidden it somehow with the newer releases of SUM? If I hit 'Next', the upgrade simply retries. Here's a screen shot;

Any help would be appreciated.



R3SEhP7Error.png (34.7 kB)