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Jan 19, 2016 at 08:40 PM

Email failure notifications for existing reports



I am a systems analyst who doesn't run any type of reports myself - I was asked by my department to take over a project, and am pretty much starting from knowledge base zero, so any and all assistance would be greatly appreciated.

I was asked to develop a system of failure notification for existing reports. From what I have searched online and through the SAP discussion portals, such notification can be specified on the report level, but due to the current volume of reports in our BO system, it sounds as if going through and specifying email notification on each report would not be a viable solution. I have also read that this type of "global" request is best addressed through an SDK, but I am unaware of where to start with that. I noticed that there was both a .NET SDK and Java SDK subgroup and I did not know if one platform would be more suited than the other to address, or if the platform used relies on how the BO system is set up. I was given access to a test server which is running BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.1 SP6. I thought there might be a way to find out where a report is given the status of "Failure" in the Content Management Server database and somehow glean the connected report information from there, but was having trouble finding which table that might be in or if that is even a meaningful direction to go in.

As I said, I am flying somewhat blind when it comes to the framework of the BI platform, so please let me know what further information is needed. Even a point in a specific direction, I feel, would be greatly beneficial to me in my current position. Thank you for your time and any help you can offer.