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Jan 19, 2016 at 09:03 PM

Variable weight products - gross weight issues


we have a liquid product that ships in a container that always weight 60KG. The liquid itself is a combination of liquid & solid, so the quantity shipped can vary from 900 kg up to 975 kg, depending on the ratio of liquid to solid. The inventory would be held at the net weight, for example batch a - 900 kg, batch b - 923 kg, batch c 923 kg, batch d 940 kg, etc. The material master record has a gross weight conversion factor of 1.065 based on a standard net weight of 923 KG. each batch is in a container that weighs 60 kg. The issues I am having is that the calculated gross weight on the delivery is always different because it is a factor of the net weight. I am looking for a way to always have my gross weight be + 60 KG instead of a calculated factor off of net weight (ie. net weight * 1.065 kg).

in my example able, I want the weights in my delivery to always show:

batch a = 900 + 60 = 960 KG gross weight

batch b = 923 + 60 = 983 kg gross weight

but my system is calculating it as follows:

batch a = 900 + (900*1.065) = 958.50 KG

batch b = 923 + (923*1.065) = 982.995 KG

Any help would be appreciated.