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Jan 19, 2016 at 05:19 PM

IBP - SAP6 Model - Demand Sensing Setup


Hi all,

I'm trying to play around with IBP demand sensing and to set up an easy test case.

In the SAP6 sample for IBP for Demand (which is also described in the IBP600 "IBP- Configuration for demand" file) one can see that several key figures are created, which are named sth. with *profile0, *profile1, *profile2 and so on. Moreover it's mentioned that the snapshot feature is a necessary prerequisite to use demand sensing.

- Are these topics related? (Though it wouldn't fit with the naming conventions for snap shots)

- What data is stored in the *profile key figures, the weighting and how proceed with the set up?

I'm happy and thankful for every little hint! 😊