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Jan 19, 2016 at 04:37 PM

Capacity Planning for machines that share a pallet system



Please help.


I have 3 machines which count as 3 different work centres. However these 3 machines share 11 pallet systems' (that are 4 side) that have a variety of fixtures mounted to them. Each machine is tooled up differently. So certain jobs can only been completed on certain machines, However the fixtures on the pallets are universal to a degree so more than one job can be produced on the same pallet but not always the same machine.

My question is...

Is there a good way or a SAP standard way of managing this?

What we are currently doing to aid production with loading the machines is....

I have created product groups for each pallet and assigned all of the components that can be produced on the pallet and which machine.

So production control use MD04 collective by product group and review the urgent jobs and load accordingly, keeping an eye on CM01 for the work centre at the same time.

This has helped production control massively as they were having to look at an excel spreadsheet of the pallet information and use MD04 1 item at a time and load the work centres.

The problem is and next step we want to take is, how do we view the capacity as a product group. I.E. see how many works orders have been raised through the pallet. So we can see how much capacity is available per pallet rather than per machine.

This will help us analysis which pallets are always over loaded and which ones are typically empty so we can review which fixtures are mounted to which pallets and better optimise the machine to increase productivity.

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