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Former Member
Jan 19, 2016 at 11:38 AM

Domain change with SWPM


Hi all,

I need to change the Windows domain of several SAP systems we have (Win 2008 and 2012).

The “old” procedure is to install it at the new domain and do a homogenous system copy. However according to Note 1233320 the SWPM is capable of doing the domain move itself with the option system rename.

Does anyone has already experiences with this procedure and can say some things about hidden pitfalls I can probably avoid or how long the runtime is?

The documentation of this feature is imho very bad. I do not find any good information about it. SAP redirects always to the SWPM rename help pages but there is no word about domain changes.

For example I don’t know if the restrictions of the SAP rename features also apply for the domain change (for example no MCOD systems).

Many thanks in advance,