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Jan 19, 2016 at 10:58 AM

FPM - Navigation directly to second screen


Hi All,

Can anyone give idea for navigating to step 2 directly when the URL is launched?

Any code/Configuraiton idea?

Issue 1: Sourcing cockpit screen, use FPM GAF component.

Is it possible to navigate directly to the second screen (Assign source of supply – Step 2)?

I am trying to execute an URL which launches SOCO screen, URL parameters has the document number. I am filling these document number in the selection screen here and explicilty trigger SEARCH method code and the results gets displayed in the below result table.

Till this part, I have no issue. I have successfully opened SOCO screen, set the selection and executed the search and selected the result.

Now the user has to click on next, to go to next step (step -2). I want to avoid this step of user clicking on the next. I want this logic to be part of the above code, so that user can avoid clicking on next.

  • Tried to use FPM_NEXT_STEP at different places like WDDOINIT, WDDOBEFORE NAVIGATION, and in /SAPSRM/WDC_FPM_GAF_CONF ~ OVERRIDE_EVENT_GAF method and none seems to be working. Result is STEP 2 gets highlighted, but the screen of step 1 shows after execution.
  • Tried to use HIDE_MAINSTEP, resulted in dump
  • Tried to use AppCC by creating a new WD which implements IF_FPM_CONF_EXIT, resulted in dump
  • Tried to raise an event in Window – handler method, the event which I created in component controller is not available.

Issue 2: Workload distribution screen, use FPM OIF component.

The problem here is, on click on “search” the code call another view of a different component. Unlike the above screen we don’t have the result table in the same view.

Standard code “fires a plug” to display the result table.

I don’t have a choice of firing the plug in WDDOMODIFYVIEW as WD doesn’t allow the screen to navigate while screen 1 is being rendered and the code results in dump.


wl.jpg (55.7 kB)
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