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Jan 19, 2016 at 10:21 AM

WWI: Condition output is not working properly


Dear all,

I have an issue in the below WWI code. Here I am using the STACK module as a Flag to use it later for checking the existence of BR01.

The strange behavior, I noticed here in this code is that

* If the condition satisfies (i.e. 02EHS_SNVKO = BR01"), then output is --> "TEST - POSITIVE for BR01" and it executes the code "<01GESTRSUBID(M:C14N_SYMBOL_STACK_PUSH> " -- This is fine

* If the condition not satisfied, then output is --> "TEST - NEGATIVE for BR01" and it is ALSO EXECUTING the code "<01GESTRSUBID(M:C14N_SYMBOL_STACK_PUSH> " -- This is not fine. It should not execute this module code

So for both the condition, STACK flag is ON. This is an issue.


Important information is that, it works fine in "Report from Template", but issue is only in "Create Template"


Any idea, what could be the problem in this code ? Please advise your expert opinion.

Thanking you !

Kind Regards,

Prem Karthick


WWI code.png (5.7 kB)