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Jan 18, 2016 at 12:53 PM

Showcase filtered data in text box (Release 1.5)



Back end being used is HANA and Release is 1.5

I take "REQUEST_ID" as input from the user, and then filter the data based on this request id.

Their are 10 dimensions which change their value based on this request id. I want to showcase values of these dimensions in text box. Also, in case I change the request id, corresponding change should be reflected in dimension values as well in text box.

1. var input_data=INPUTFIELD_1.getValue();

DS_1.setFilter("REQUEST_ID", input_data);

This script filters and showcase correct data in crosstab. I went through other threads which said we can display data in text box by selecting it from this crosstab. I don`t want this, infact I don`t intend to use crosstab. I want data directly in text box.

2. One of the dimension is "APPROVAL_1". I tried to fetch its value in text box "TEXT_2" with the following script.(This was done after filtering the values based on request id)


This gave me an output result as "key".

3. I cannot populate all the request id in dropdown and later select one among them, as number of request id runs in millions.

What I understand is filtering works for crosstab, but as soon as I try to fetch data corresponding to a particular dimension, it doesn`t.

I want to filter the data based on input from user, once I execute the application and then display values of dimension in textbox.

How can this be done?