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Jan 18, 2016 at 08:00 AM

How to prorate Reimbursement amount in 0589 Infotype?


Dear Sap Gurus,

I have 1 complex Payroll scenarios for my client w.r.t LTA Reimbursement. Please understand the scenario well and provide your valuable inputs.

Scenario – Client has a policy of LTA reimbursement as 8.33% on Earned Basic. (Earned basic means if employee basic salary is Rs.3000 per month and if he has LWP for 2 days then his Earned Basic will be Rs. 2800).

We want the LTA of 8.33% to be calculated on earned Basic every month. However if we maintain manually 8.33% fixed amount of earned basic (Eg. 8.33% of 10000 earned basic = 833) in infotype 0589 Individual Reimbursement then the same amount (in our example Rs.833) is been calculated for every month which is wrong as every month Earned basic changes so the LTA reimbursement too will change.

Hence, I would like to ask about 2 conditions as mentioned below:

a. Condition I: Is it possible to use INVAL for Infotype 0589 so that it calculates LTA Reimbursement Percent wise on Earned basic amount?

b. Condition II: How to prorate LTA reimbursement eligible amount on number of working days on monthly basis?

One more additional information I would like to share is that we are using below reports.

PC00_M40_REMC Balance Carry Forward

PC00_M40_REMP Disbursement of claims

PC00_M40_REMS Status for claims

PC00_M40_REMT Balance Disbursement

Kindly let me know if you would need any further clarifications.