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datavolume reclaim monitoring

Hi All,

We are trying to reclaim on the datavolume of the master node.

I dont see any notes related to monitoring the aspects of progress related to the same. How can we monitor the same. Even the indexserver trace file doesnt give much information about the same.

Any experiences related to the same?

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3 Answers

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    Jan 18, 2016 at 01:35 PM

    Oh oh, two answers that have nothing to do with the actual question and even a "Like" for one of the answers 😔

    In theory these kinds of activities could be monitored with M_SERVICE_THREADS (THREAD_METHOD, THREAD_DETAIL) or M_JOB_PROGRESS, but unfortunately it seems like it is currently not implemented. So I think there is no good way to check the progress at the moment, but I will discuss with development if something can be implemented with a future SAP HANA version.

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      SAP development came back they said they will think about the suggestions you mentioned. There is definite lack of transparency on this subject.

      Probably you know it better than me.

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    Jan 17, 2016 at 09:57 AM


    This are the monitoring options that you have at your disposal:

    Monitoring Options

    You can monitor the SAP HANA database with SAP HANA Studio, DBA Cockpit, SAP Solution Manager, third-party tools, or SAP NW LVM.

    Monitoring with SAP HANA Studio

    One way of monitoring is using the SAP HANA Studio. As the Studio is part of the SAP HANA Appliance, no extra licenses are required.

    For a quick overview, you can use the System Monitor. This can be used to monitor system availability and the operational status of the SAP HANA system. Defined alerts inform the user critical situations on the database. The SAP HANA Studio also provides information about memory consumption of SAP HANA, CPU usage, disk usage, status of system replication, session monitoring, display information of individual steps of statement execution (most expensive statements for example) and much more. The statistics server is the basis for the SAP HANA Studio and provide historic monitoring data. SAP HANA Studio can be used to define thresholds for when a system status should be reported as critical.

    Monitoring with DBA Cockpit

    To monitor the database, you can also use DBA Cockpit, which retrieves the alerts from the SAP HANA database.

    In DBA Cockpit, all of the main monitoring functionalities in the SAP HANA Studio are supported. The statistics server is also the basis of DBA Cockpit and provides historical monitoring data. DBA Cockpit can be used to define thresholds for when a system status is reported as critical. DBA Cockpit is part of SAP Basis. No extra licenses are required. The system administrator might need to grant authorizations for this tool.

    Monitoring with SAP Solution Manager

    SAP Solution Manager provides another option for monitoring the SAP HANA database and the layers above. Solution Manager communicates with HANA via the host agent and the diagnostic agent. Alerts are read from HANA here and passed on to Solution Manager.

    Solution Manager can be used to define thresholds. A threshold defines the point at which a system status is shown as critical. SAP Solution Manager also provides an automated regular status check of your SAP solutions: SAP Early Watch Alert (EWA). This tool monitors the essential administrative areas of SAP components and keeps you up to date on their performance and stability. To facilitate quicker problem solving, a root cause analysis is also provided. A part of the root cause analysis is the End-to-End Analysis. Starting with the application and ending on the database level, issues can be isolated and identified by using this analysis type.

    If you have a maintenance contract with SAP, SAP Solution Manager can be used without a license.

    Monitoring with Third-Party Tools and SAP Solution Manager

    SAP Solution Manager can also be used in combination with third-party monitoring tools. Solution Manager then serves as a “relay station” for monitoring information for external monitoring tools. This is an interesting alternative if the company in question already uses monitoring tools, but these tools cannot access SAP HANA.

    There is no interface certification for HANA monitoring. The documented SQL interface can be used. For more information, see the document SAP HANA SQL and System Views Referenceslinked below.

    Third-Party Tools with Direct Access

    Alternatively, third-party monitoring tools can access the SAP HANA database directly in order to retrieve and process alerts.

    Monitoring with SAP Landscape Virtualization Management

    Another option for monitoring the system status is SAP Landscape Virtualization Management. This makes it possible to monitor running HANA processes and the entire application server as well. Operational activities such as server start and server stop are possible, too.

    In Enterprise Edition, dashboards can configured which provide a visual overview of all basic activities, such as status of the SAP instances, servers, validations and performance graphics, for example the server’s CPU load. Unlike Enterprise Edition, Standard Edition is license free.

    The graphic below provides you with an example of SAP Landscape Virtualization Management:

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  • Jan 17, 2016 at 01:12 PM


    Please use the method ALTER SYSTEM RECLAIM LOG as per note #1679938.



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