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Jan 15, 2016 at 03:06 PM

Tax processing key like NVV to post against expense account in separate line item


Hi Experts,

I would like to know if is possible to post a document with tax account key NVV (or a similar one with posting indicator 3 "Distribute to relevant expense/revenue item") in this way:

Let´s suppose a tax rate of 0,5% for input tax:

Expense account 1000

Expense account 5

Vendor 1005

Currently, using posting indicator 3 the document look like this

Expense account 1005

Vendor 1005

The tax is included in the expense account, but is shown in same line item.

Please, suggest if possible to post the tax in the same vendor expense account, but in separate line item.

The option of using posting indicator 2 is not feasible, since it assigns fixed GL accounts per tax code, and in this scenario we need same expense account of vendor invoice, which may vary..

Thanks in advance,