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Report Symbol is not displayed on CBGL_MP01

I am trying to display a report symbol in tcode CBGL_MP01, to give the possibility to user change some info to be print in label.

I added the report symbol in user entry in tcode CG42, but the report symbol isn't display in CBGL_MP01.

Could you give me some ideia whats can be wrong

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2 Answers

  • Posted on Jan 17, 2016 at 11:57 AM

    Hello Ricardo,

    As Mark mentioned, please check if the required entry field is entered in the scenario level. Also check the structure and field label for this particular symbol.



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    Posted on Jan 15, 2016 at 01:14 PM

    Hi Ricardo,

    If I remember this correctly:

    In IMG Activity, "Define Print Scenarios", one can assign Report Symbols as "user entry" and make it as Required Entry Field:

    On older releases this IMG activity is called "Specify Labeling Scenario".

    Hope this helps


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    • Dear Ricardo

      the "user entry" topic might be misinterpreted.

      If I look on your explanation:

      "I'm talking about non-standard report symbol tha takes some automatic information of production order to print in label. This may be some relation with the issue?"

      So e.g. you enter a process order; then system should retrieve data based on the logic of your function module and pass it back etc.. But for this (in my opinion) you need not to use an "user entry" related symbol (but not 100% sure); but the answer depends on the fact: is there the need to change the data retrieved (refer below)

      Let us discuss first: what is a parameter symbol: A parameter symbol is used to retreive data maintained outside of EHS(e.g. material name); Looking on a PP process order: you could be interested to print batch information on the label etc. I am not 100% sure but I believe. there is no SAP standard symbol to do the job but clearly ou can prepare some symbol; but I am not sure if it must be defined a "user entry" type

      You need to look more or less on GLM functionality as such. Example:

      During a process order you could have the need to create several batches and store the material on stock

      Then you would like to print (for this scenario) the labels. Especially with new capabilites of GLM+ => you should avoid any kind of user interaction (and user entry is an useraction)

      In any case. GLM topics as user entries are discussed sometimes here E.g.

      SAP EHS GLM - User Entry | SCN

      Check as well document: What is a "Label" and how support SAP EHS Management "Labeling"

      You will find more references

      Chapter "Adjusting Label Templates Using User Entries" in SAP Help explains the use of USer Entries as:

      "you can display and, if necessary, change the determined values of the report symbols under User Entries"

      But if you will like to get a "fully automatedx labeling process" User entries are not a "good" idea as the user must interact with the system. BUt clearly. sometimes this option is needed but you need to understand the consequences in using this option


      PS: example in online help of SAP: here the "life time" of the material is retrieved and printed using an "unser entry"; and you can therefore change that; this is a "bad" example (in my opion); as such data is to be printed as well on other logistic documents (and what you do in GLM does have no effect in other SAP modules and the corresponding print routines there); but at the end: itis only an example for you so that you can understand better the idea of an "user entry" related report symbol; eg. you could as well change "country of origin" data etc.