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Feb 19, 2006 at 08:17 AM

Delta Failed, Suggestions pls .


Hi Guru’s,

I am loading data from ODS to Infocube from R/3 . I have selectively ran the Init Requests and Now it is getting the Delta Loads. It is a daily load which runs with the help of a process chain.

Now My Scenario ,

There has been some wrong Entries in the R/3 System on Wednesday . This is realized on Saturday . They were Corrected in R/3 on Friday. So in the Saturday Delta Load, It gets the corrected Records and even the Deleted records ( If I am not Wrong on the Concept) But within this time ,the Data has already been in to BW system . How to take care of ODS and Infocube with this particular case . ( ODS is set to Additive Mode)

My Understanding :

1) Delete the request from the ODS ( before this Delete the request from Infocube and maintain the Data mart Status) .

2) Delete the Request from the ODS and will this delete all the above Requests in the ODS also (as ODS deletes with Rollback Status) .

3) Init Req without Data transfer for Infocube from ODS.

4) As the Delta loads are already In, the changes are already in BW . So just to Load the requests into Infocube ( Delta) .

<b>Another Query :</b>

If we have a failed delta and If the Datasource doesn’t support repeat Delta , then Can I just Delete the Init Req from Infopackage and (Run Init without data transfer till that Selection for which the data is already in BW ) necessary ???, and Run a last init with data transfer with data selection ( for the only failed Req selection) . Will this work ??? and will my delta work from the Next day , Please suggest on this ?