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Feb 18, 2006 at 01:41 PM

Concern regarding new weblog point system....



Have you seen the <a href="/people/sap.user72/blog/2006/02/15/top-weblogs-of-all-time-3-to-0">blog</a> by Craig? What concerns me is the weblog point system mentioned by Craig - weblog must be "<b>live</b>" for 5 days to recieve more than 40 base points. I believe "live" will be judged based on the number of hits !!

What concerns me more is, the developer ares which has a lesses number of active users will never get a chance to grow !! I come from MDM area which got a reincarnation an year ago and even the number of users is very very less in MDM area, it still has got lot of audience during the past few months. I am the Top contributor in MDM forum with just 232 poiunts as of today. But, the fact is, I keep my sdn open almost 12 hours a day and this has been going on for an year or so.... It was/is very hard to keep my enthusiasm alive during the initial days.

But, with the kind of point system mentioned by Craig, people like me trying very hard to keep up the enthusiasm will start losing it forever !! This type of point system is meaningful for the areas which recieve atleast 10 blogs per week ! Just to give you an idea, MDM has just 72 blogs altogether even from the days before MDM 5.5 existed....My blog on "Master Data Management & Spend Analysis" had just 1305 hits even though it was on the MDM Home page as a featured blog for 2 months !!

<b>Craig:</b> Please re-consider your decission and do not take any steps to demotivate people like me working very hard in the "developing" areas of community. Hope you understand.....:)

Any support for me??? 😔


Rajani Kumar