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Jan 14, 2016 at 04:32 AM

Multiple FI documents from a single reconciliation key ?


Hello all,

Is there a way to create multiple GL accounting document (using FPG1) from a single reconciliation key ?

Let's say, a reconciliation key has been created from a mass processing event like invoicing and all the FICA documents created from that process are a part of a single reconciliation key.

Given the fact that every single FICA document will have GL level entry for both balance sheet control account and profit/loss account, is there a way to create individual FI document for each of the FICA document ?

Anyways this is not a preferred approach since in that case in GL balance, instead of consolidated entry of a single posting date, it will create numerous FI documents in a single date, still want to know if this feasible at all using FICA configuration/enhancement ?