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Jan 13, 2016 at 05:27 PM

Message XI Outbound not created in PO


Hello All,

I cant find a message in PO,

In ECC ERP there is a Message in SXI_Monitor with MessageID 5694189E-272E-0D70-E100-80000A010106, status; "Processed Successfully", in PO try finding in nwa->SOA->Monitoring->Message Monitoring->Database->Advanced->Identifiers (check)->Button Add (Message IDs Tab) pasted the MessageID from ECC

Result: "No messages available for selected filter criteria"

Try to find with 5694189E272E0D70E10080000A010106 also.

Scenario: XI 3.0 Sender to JDBC Receiver, in DB the message didn't arrive

Any idea where is the message?