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Jan 12, 2016 at 07:22 PM

Update of budget period for value type 57 (Payment)


Hi everyone!!

Hope you all have a great year¡¡

I'm facing a problem in Funds Management when I'm paying an open ítem for a vendor.

I'm with ECC 6.05 and I'm in Public Sector Management solution, so I'm using Commitment ítem, funds center, functional área, funds and Budget period as account assignment for Funds Management, and beside this I have activated Budgetary Ledger and Online Payment Update.

When I create with MIRO or FB60 the account payable, system is fine and it creates the financial document, document in FM with value type 54 and document of budgetary ledger, in this example I create this invoice in November 2015, so Budget period is november.

Then I pay this open ítem in december 2015, so as my posting date is december 2015 and I'm deriving Budget period from this date, I'm expecting that value type 57 will be generated with Budget period december, but when I check the FM document, reduction of invoice and value type payment are alredady done but with Budget period november, just the same as the original one.

Could you please help me in order to get this?

Thanks very much in advance.