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Jan 12, 2016 at 02:53 PM

Auto update of final Issue Indicator


Hi experts,

In current process we have multiple options through which I can tick the final Issue Indicator in component overview of production order.

  1. Directly through CO02 component overview- This option I have blocked through screen variant.
  2. During confirmation through CO11N, If I enter full order quantity for yield confirmation then in goods movement view completed indicator gets automatically ticked and there after I also clear the quantity field and post the confirmation. In this way I will get the Final issue indicator ticked in component overview and consumption will not be booked.
  3. Through any goods issue transaction like MIGO & MB1A where there is option to tick the final Issue indicator.

I want that Final Issue Indicator to get ticked automatically only when component quantity is equal to Quantity Withdrawn in production order without any manual intervention. Also how to restrict users from ticking final issue indicator if consumption is not completely booked.