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Jan 12, 2016 at 11:00 AM

Error message blocks migration of e-mail activity



Our customer is trying to migrate e-mail activties but during the import simulation phase we get following error message: "CorrespondenceTransmissionStatusCode does not fit to InitiatorCode" (Please refer to the attachment)

Please try following steps:

1. Download the e-mail migration file from the migration tool (try to fill in the same data as you can see in attachment)

2. Migrate the file using the e-mail task activity migration tool

3. During import simulation you will get following message: "CorrespondenceTransmissionStatusCode does not fit to InitiatorCode"

If we leave the column "Transmission Status" blank the error message is not shown. Our customer want to fill in the column in orde to specify the e-mail direction (inbound/outbound)

Is there any solution provide for this issue in order to fill in the e-mail direction?

For any more information please conact me on +32 472 54 11 34

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards

Arian Zand


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