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Jan 12, 2016 at 06:09 AM

Financial year end payroll and F&F cases - Unclaimed flexi tax and paid


Dear Gurus,

Could you please help me to write PCR for Financial year end payroll - Unclaimed flexi tax and paid.

I have created few set of wage types to calculate flexi, Components are Telephone bills, Driver salary, Fuel reimbursement etc

9 series wage types - Eligibility to be maintain in IT 8

8 series wage types - Bills submitted but not paid

7 series wage types - Unclaimed amount of the year

1 series wage types - Claimed amount maintain through IT 15

Retirement: Eligibility amount maintained in IT 8, claimed amount maintained through IT 15 and financial year end all flexi components unclaimed amount has to pass to one wage type and get tax and paid. These components are link with employee attendance.

Ex: Employee is eligible for a Driver salary allowance of Rs.6000 (6000*12=72000 PA). The employee has submitted proof of expense and claimed Rs. 50,000. The system will store 7 series wage type unclaimed amount balance Rs.22,000 in another wage type which has pay and tax component.

As of now system calculating accurately as per eligibility, i need pcr for year end activity and F&F cases unclaimed amount balance to transfer in another wage type which has pay and tax component .


Sai Krishna