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Feb 17, 2006 at 05:22 PM

Web Application Designer - cannot execute template in browser



I have a problem executing any template created via the WAD in the browser.... nothing happens. When I copy the URL to the clipboard and paste that in the browser, it appears as odd characters (eg. x ì ). This only happens on my laptop. My desktop works fine.

Both are running the same version of the WAD (3500.3.323).

A similiar problem occurs in the Bex Analyser. On my laptop, when I create a query, as soon as I choose the infoprovider, it has a problem displaying the key figures and dimensions (it display nothing) and the name at the top appears as odd characters again (eg. x ìx ìx ì).

As this works fine on my desktop, I would assume that it is something specific to my laptop.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.



ps. Some details: both deskstop and laptop running XP Professional (SP2). Connecting to a BW3.5 system. Laptop is connected via a wireless network.