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Jan 11, 2016 at 02:08 PM

Using Custom Message Type (ZHRMD_A) with HR Distribution Model (PFAL)


Hi everyone, hope you can help me!!

Currently I am trying to send Master Data from one ECC to another. My plan is to do that using transaction PFAL.

Since customer is currently using HRMD_A Message Type for other particular business scenario, I had to create a new message type as a copy of the standard one (ZHRMD_A). For this reason, I created a new distribution model in BD64, activated change pointers both in BD50 and BD52. I also created a custom Change Document for IT 9000 (Z_HR_IT9000) since I need to send many 9000's ITs. The Custom Message type was extended to have some segments for these 9000's ITs, too.

I have also followed the indications on this thread, as I found helpfull at the time.

But whenever I use transaction PFAL with this new message type, I get error message 5-003: Message Type ZHRMD_A can't be used.

Does anyone know what I might be missing here? I really apreciate your help.